Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Vintage Finds Coming Soon!

VINTAGE FINDS from my Treasure Chest coming your way!
I have been busy collecting...staging and photo'ing some great Vintage pieces
 for my online Shoppe...I would love to have you stop by and say Hi!

I just love Old Vintage can use them in so many ways...
one of the way I love to use them are for flower vases!

I have such a weakness for Old Vintage Tool Boxes..
.there are so many creative ways you can use them for storage!

Like a Unique Jewelry Box!

This is an Old Vintage Cash Box that came out of an Old Mom and Pop Grocery Store...
there's not many of those least not here in Northern Cal!

A lovely collection of Vintage Yummy!

Who doesn't love pearls spilling out of a Vintage Ironstone Gravy Dish!

A lovely Vintage Ironstone Creamer...

A great Old Vintage Kerosene Can with red accents!

A Lovely Petite Ironstone Creamer...

Another one of my favorites...old kitchen tools with red accents!

Classic Vintage Ironstone Creamer...

A great collection of Vintage Flower Frogs...

As always I only sell what I LOVE and what I would surround myself in my own Home...

Thank you for visiting...VINTAGE HOME lifestyle
Always sent with love...
Cathleen Alyce

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