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Sunday, March 6, 2011

My first sale at my Vintage Home...

The Alameda Antique Faire was rained out...
So I decided to throw together a little sale at my Vintage Home.
Here are a few photos in my shop that was once an Old Miner's Cabin.

Hope you enjoyed the show...
Now it is time to start working on new pieces for the
"Sacramento Antique Faire".
Next Sunday...March 13th...Space R-3
Maybe I'll see you there...


  1. I love your shop, it's wonderful... and I see lots of great treasures too! I would certainly love to shop there!

  2. Congrats on your 1st sale there, Cathleen.

    Your house looks so cozy. You always get the best houses w/the best workshops/studios.

  3. Love your style! Thank you for sharing Brigitte

  4. That's what you call "thrown together"? Girl, I call that magic!
    I love the idea of an old miner's cabin for a venue...the possibilities are endless...unlike the gold that was found there! In fact...I think you struck gold again with the location combined with your wares!
    P.S. Eureka!

  5. Hi there~ Ohh I can't believe I missed your sale!!! Darn!
    I would love to meet for coffee or something sometime to chat !! How was the sale up here? I am interested in doing sales- and have done them at my place before in our guest cottage ( my oldest moved out into the guest cottage now- so it's not available.) but am looking at areas further south to try and draw more people in. I have so many ideas... but am feeling kind of unsure about how to go about things. Would love any advice or input you might have!
    Hope your sale went well- it certainly looks absolutely dreamy in your garage!! What a great spot for your little shop! Would love to know when the next one is- lots of things I am loving in there! :)


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