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Monday, March 28, 2011


Busy week ahead getting ready for the "ALAMEDA ANTIQUE FAIRE"

The "ALAMEDA ANTIQUE FAIRE" is this Sunday April 3rd. and it looks like we are going to have great weather for it.
I will be selling in my new space R-2...right next to my friend Kathy from "EAST SIDE BARN".
Kathy has a great eye and fills two spaces to the brim with her finds...lots of Industrial with a French style you are sure to love.

Check out the latest issue of "FLEA MARKET STYLE"...they did an eight page article on the "ALAMEDA ANTIQUE FAIRE.
But the exciting thing is...that fabulous chair in the photo below in the article...was purchased from my friend Kathy of "East Side Barn".

Here is a shot of Kathy's booth in February....

Another great shot of Kathy's the green garbage can.

Heather Bullard & Ki Nassauer of "Flea Market Style" magazine with an amazing sign they picked up at the Alameda Antique Faire.

Alameda just was named one of the five favorite Flea Markets by none other then Rachel Ashwell on the Blog
"This is Glamorous" be sure to check it out.
Hope to see you at the show!!!


  1. So lucky that you get to go! I'm envious! I loved the article in Flea Market Style! New follower!

  2. Hey cant wait to see your both there- Gracefully Vintage is coming from Folsom to buy for shoppe.. Always love your space

  3. Had a blast at Alameda! It is truly a great flea market!


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