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Monday, March 30, 2009

FRENCH adorned Treasures...

I have been having alot of fun creating these pieces that I will be offering in my Shoppe. All unique one-of-a-kind...although they all have the same theme going on using Vintage French Script, Vintage French Stamps, buttons & of course a Vintage Key. These little hanging plaques are just for fun...

These Vintage bottles make great vases...
just add water and your favorite little flower.

For the LOVE of all things FOUND...

These Trivets beat the heck out of a plain old pot holder...
made out of recycled tiles.

And these little clips are great for holding notes on the fridge or even one of your favorite photos...they are big clothes pins with a handy little magnet on the back.


  1. Hey!
    That first french #5 sign (or should I say cinq?) looks a lot like the one I purchased from you to hang on my vintage bike (oui, I purchased that from you also, many years ago ;). I love your style and the photos are gorgeous. Next time I'm in the shop, I have to add a couple clippies to my basket. See you soon.

  2. oh, everything is just beautiful.
    I really need to come visit!!

  3. Wow - just love the French plaques ..... You've done a great job. Of course, I LOVE anything with french script but these are adorable.

    I'm also a fan of vintage bottles and you've made yours look "formidable" !

    I can't remember how I stumbled upon your blog but am so gald I did!

    Off to check out your store.

    Chantilly Grace

  4. BEAUTIFUL.....very the bottles...
    Mo ;-)

  5. I love the plaques, they are gorgeous. You are so clever!

    A bientot

    L x

  6. everything looks incredible.... I am way overdue to order.. xoxo Laura

  7. WOW!!! I love those bottles, everything is soooo pretty!!Just love it all....

  8. See you when we get back from les vacances - nine whole days of fun in this hot sunshine!

  9. I love these new creations! I don't know how I wasn't getting your blog updates for a while, but I'm back on track now! So glad I went looking for you this morning because your new plaques are wonderful! Oh, the talent! :)


  10. I love it all - the plaques, bottles - very sweet. And, I really like the "found" letters!

    You have such great style.


  11. Your blog is fabulous. Consider yourself followed.

  12. Glad to have found you. Great blog and great website! We'll be back
    Clara & Marcela
    Nice & Easy Antiques

  13. Hi,
    This is my first visit to your site and WOW it is wonderful! Love all your neat creations. Have a lovely day. ~Cathy~

  14. Thanks for your blog. I find it very inspiring. I love numbers, letters, and black & white graphics and your blog/store is absolutely beautiful.

    Best Wishes

  15. What a pretty blog~ Tracie recommend it..She is many inspirations!

  16. Wow your goodies are simply divine!! love them all...need to go check out your store.....

    I really need to figure out how all you fantastic artsy blogger ninjas do all this stuff!!! :)

    Come by and look at my frenchy bedroom makeover & enter my jeanne d'arc giveaway!!



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