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Thursday, November 27, 2008

GIVING THANKS on this day in NOVEMBER 2008

What does Thanksgiving really mean to me this year...

I want to take this time and just be thankful of the people (family & friends), events (good & bad) and all the things in my life that I feel fortunate to have.

First of all the people that have helped me get to where I am today... partner, my friend, my biggest cheerleader, who believed in me and my vision and threw himself, his financial support and hours & hours on the road to the Gift shows to push our product. And sold,sold,sold with very little sleep. But he did it with as much gusto and enthusiasm as anyone could possibly hope for.
Thank you Ace...

Barbara Gassaway...from "Country Daisy Florist & Gifts" here in our beautiful town of Healdsburg. Who is my dearest friend and biggest fan, that spent hours freely of her time preparing our products for the show. And even more hours (many) helping fill orders. Who has supported me and my business more then I can ever thank her enough for.
Thank you Barbara...

To all of my customers and business owners that purchased my products, cheered me along and gave me the assurence that I am doing a good thing and I am on the right path.

To my nearest and dearest two sons Jason & Chad. Who make my life, if for no other reason, worth living.
Thank you Jason & Chad...

To all you wonderful people in blog land. Who share your business, your life and your hopes with so much trust and good will.
Thank you bloggers...

And thank you to the countless many, many more that have encouraged & supported me along my way.

There is so much more, I could write a book. But for now I just want to say Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to all...

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  1. Stopping by.I will be ordering soon it' been crazy... xooxxo laura

    your site looks lovely


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