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Friday, July 4, 2008



I feel like I have been shoved into a cannon and shot out like a firework, but I haven't yet landed. I have been through many twists and turns of life lately and have missed blogging so much, I felt it is time to reach out and blog blog blog.

As some of you may know I am the other half of Mixing Whimsy. Molly and I have parted ways and are going on separate paths in life. Molly with Mixing Whimsy and I with VINTAGE HOME lifestyle my very own Home & Garden furniture & Decor business.

I am extremely excited about my new Soy Wax Candle and Bathe & Body line I have developed along the way. Which I will be featuring at the upcoming California (Los Angeles), San Francisco & Seattle Gift Shows, for the retail market. Along with my Vintage furniture & Decor at the San Francisco Gift Show in the VINTAGE COLLECTION Cash & Carry section. So boy have I been busy...

I have also had the pleasure working with ROMANTIC HOMES magazine. On an ad in their upcoming August 2008 issue, hitting the stands and mailboxes now. Check us out...

We have leased a warehouse/showroom in Healdsburg for production of our Candle & Bath line. And a showroom for my Vintage Furniture & accessories. More on that coming soon...


  1. Hi Cathleen,
    Wow, your blog is looking beautiful!
    I'd love to do another lunch and hear about all the brand new things you've got going on - it always amazes me all the things you've got going on at once.
    ...And I'm about out of your candles, and you know how I love, love, love those ;)
    Happy 4th of July - are you going to watch the fireworks from your front porch as well?

  2. Hi (me again!),
    I can't believe I left you a comment and didn't mention you in Romantic Homes - it's beautiful! It just arrived yesterday and I whipped it open and viewed all your beautiful items.
    Okay, I don't think I've forgotten anything else... for now!

  3. Congrats on the new venture. Can't wait to see how and what your up to next. Looking forward to checking out the article.

    Good Luck


  4. Beautiful! I love your packaging and best of luck to you at market.
    Merci also for adding me to your blogroll, I'll do the same.
    Happy Bastille Day!

  5. Good Luck:)

    Just looking at those lovely items makes me feel so romantic, warm and happy.

  6. Cathleen, welcome bag to blogland! I was wondering what I know, and I wish you much success as you grow Vintage Home Lifestyle.

    Congrats on the SFIGF design awards, and it was a KICK meeting Ace at the Seattle Gift Show!


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